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Puppy Questionaire

Please answer each question as fully and thoughtfully as possible. This will help us to determine the characteristics of the puppy who will best become a positive addition to your life.

Name:________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________

Email address:_____________________________ Phone numbers: Hm_________________ Cell________________

Occupation:_________________________________________________________ Work phone:__________________

Have you owned an Irish Terrier before?_______________________Number of Years?________________________

            If not, what breeds have you owned?____________________________________________________________

            Do you prefer a male or a female?______________________________________________________________

What other pets do you have in the home?____________________________________________________________

Do you own your home or rent?_______Do you have a fully fenced yard?________ Type of fence?_____________

Height of fence?____________ How long have you resided here?__________

Are there Children in your family?______________Number?_____________Ages?___________________________

Will you contact your veterinarian and provide permission for us to ask him/her for a reference for you?

Veterinarian name:____________________ Phone number:________________________

How many dogs have you owned in the past five years?_________________What has happened to these dogs?_


Where will your dog spend his/her day?______________________________________________________________

           How many hours will the dog be alone each day?_________________________________________________

           Where will the dog spend the night?____________________________________________________________

How will you handle grooming?_______I know how to hand strip?

                                                      _______I want to learn to hand strip

                                                      _______I will pay a professional groomer to hand strip

How will you handle ear training?____________________________________________________________________

What are the most important qualities you are looking for in a dog?_______________________________________


How will you provide for your dogs need for out door exercise?__________________________________________

Are you interested in any of the following activities with your dog? Please number in order of importance or indi-cate "No" if not interested: Companionship_____Confirmation showing_____Agility_____Obedience___________


Thank you for your efforts in filling out this form.

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