Irish Terrier Breeders - AKC Breeder of Merit

"Caitlin's"(Kehoe's Cocksure Caitlin) first litter

June 2009           6 pups all female

Kenna- CH Kincora's Chinook Wind is "Light Blue Collar" and Sunshine - CH Kincora's Here Comes the Sun is "Yellow Collar"

Occasionally we have a retired dog or bitch who we are willing to place in a special home where they are the center of attention. If you are interested in an older Irish please give us a call at 206-484-3830. As of August 2018 we do not have an older Irish to place but from time to time know of one available. So do email or call if interested.

Rose was not successful in her attempt to convince us that this was the best way to ride in a car.