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Breeding & Raising Pure bred dogs

Unless we feel that we can expect our puppies to be better than their parents we will not breed.  And to date we have been pleased with the outcome.

Excellent health, strong bodies, solid temperaments are not usually an accident of nature. Careful study and great effort go into choosing the right parents to breed forward desirable traits.

Irish Terrier Puppies for Sale--A Little Kennel History


As Irish Terrier Breeders we are members of the Irish Terrier Club of America

and The All Terrier club of Western Washington and the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club.

Irish Terrier Puppies for sale: Future litter plans can be found here. At present we are expecting a possible breeding in August 2017.

Kincora Kennels has been breeding fine Irish Terriers for over 11 years. We acquired our first Irish in 1996 and began showing in 1997. The dog's call name was Cormac and he came from a very old breeding line developed by Robert (Bobby) Clyde. Our foundation bitch for the Kincora breedings also traces back to Bobby's "Cocksure" line. These dogs have heavier bone and a shorter face and even today are recognized by some knowledgable Irish Terrier enthusiasts  as descendants of the Cocksure line.